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Program against violence and discrimination


Through its programs and services, INÉÉI-PSH aims to eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination against people with disabilities (PWD) of all ages, genders and ethno-cultural backgrounds. It is also an institute that actively contributes to the promotion of equity to achieve equality and inclusion for all people.

Through its programs and services, INEI-PSH offers opportunities for knowledge sharing and training focused on prevention, awareness and intervention adapted to the needs of people with disabilities

Qu'est ce qu'InterAidance ?

InterAidance is a "By and for" service for listening, support and referral in response to emergency situations. InterAidance provides a rapid response to people with disabilities, whatever their age, gender or ethno-cultural background.

What do we offer?


  • Active listening
  • Pairaidance
  • Orientation and referral to accessible and appropriate emergency assistance resources
  • Support and accompaniment for women and their children who are victims of violence or abuse
L'illustration présente une personne engagée dans le soutien téléphonique et virtuel. Elle est représentée assise devant un bureau, portant un casque audio, symbole de sa disponibilité pour les communications à distance.
Psychosocial support service
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We understand that life can present challenges that impact your mental, emotional and social well-being. At INÉÉI-PSH, we're here to provide dedicated psychosocial support, designed to meet your individual needs.

  • Personalized approach : We understand that each individual is unique, and our support is tailored to your specific needs.

  • Confidentiality : Your privacy is our priority, and all interactions are treated with the utmost discretion.

  • Accessibility: Nous offrons des options flexibles, que ce soit en personne, en ligne ou par téléphone.

PairAidance community of practice

We are a space of exchange and mutual support, where each brings his or her unique experience to inspire, help and strengthen the resilience of the other.

Our commitment:

  • Sharing experiences : Each of us has a story to tell. We encourage the sharing of experiences, creating a web of mutual support woven from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Mutual support : In our community, we're there for each other. We offer emotional support and practical advice, based on our shared experience.

  • Resources and information : We provide resources, information and advice to make everyday life easier for people with disabilities.

Dans cette illustration, le père porte avec tendresse sa fille sur son épaule, tandis que leur deuxième enfant s'émerveille dans une pièce baignée de lumière. Les teintes chaudes de jaune, orange, rose et violet enveloppent l'espace, accentuant le confort du sofa accueillant, la verdure éclatante d'une plante et la douce luminosité filtrant à travers la fenêtre.
One-stop support and referral

Our one-stop support and referral service was created to simplify and improve access to a variety of resources and support services for people with disabilities.

Our team is trained to listen carefully to your concerns, understand your needs and effectively direct you to the resources best suited to your situation.

Training program

As part of our program against violence and discrimination, we offer, among other services, activities and training for 1st-line assistance resources, volunteers wishing to get involved in our Service hotline, and interveners from various backgrounds.  

We offer a range of training courses for a variety of professionals, as well as for people with disabilities and their families.

Each course lasts 3 hours and is designed to achieve different objectives dont : 

  • Know the basic principles 
  • Understanding for a better welcome 
  • Approaches to better intervention :To situate one's own experience in relation to the people to whom one offers support and/or psychosocial intervention. 
Our approach

Training courses are offered virtually or face-to-face, depending on the participant's choice. participant.e.s.

We offer exchange and knowledge-sharing sessions, as well as presentations by various partners actively contributing to the fight against violence and discrimination.

The fee includes personalized support, a reference guide and customized tools. INÉÉI-PSH members receive a 20% discount and ongoing support.

Prevention and awareness service

Our mission is to inspire positive change by providing educational resources, awareness programs and proactive support for collective health and well-being.

Nos initiatives englobent :

  • Educational programs : Interactive workshops and seminars on a variety of physical and mental health topics.

  • Awareness campaigns : Efforts to enlighten and sensitize the community on crucial health issues.

  • Preventive support : Resources for proactively managing stress, promoting a balanced diet, and preventing common health problems.

  • Community events : Joyful gatherings to encourage solidarity and the exchange of beneficial information.

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