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Selma Koudri
General Manager
and founder

In addition to her academic background in the humanities, which includes translation, community action and public relations, Selma has more than 20 years of diverse work and involvement. Her professional and activist career has led her to promote and defend rights and interests related to the elimination of violence and discrimination, empowerment through access to the job market, social inclusion and citizen participation, as well as fair and equal access to social and health services. I'm very much a social entrepreneur, happy to be part of a superb team working to build solidarities that create equitable, safe, egalitarian and inclusive communities.

514-905-1039 ext. 302

Hawa Diop
Administrative and Accounting Assistant

A student in International Management Administration at UQAM, Hawa has a wealth of experience in administrative support and customer service. Committed and serious about her work, Hawa is also highly adaptable. The opportunity to contribute actively while continuing to learn and progress in her field is particularly stimulating, strengthening her determination and adaptability.


514-905-1039 ext. 303

Yasmine Abdessettar
Communications Manager

Yasmine holds a double bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology. She has expertise in audiovisual content creation, video production and didactic tools. Interested in the impact of social inequalities and discrimination, she is committed to deploying these skills and technical abilities to prevent, mobilize and raise awareness.

514-905-1039 ext. 304

Justine Blanquet
Project Manager

 Justine holds a bachelor's degree in law and is currently completing her studies in social innovation at HEC Montréal. With several years' involvement in a feminist association, she has also lent her expertise to helping various organizations adopt more inclusive management practices. Today, her commitment is to a cross-sectoral approach to promoting equity, equality and inclusion, with the aim of improving the quality of life of people with disabilities.

514-905-1039 ext. 308

Jason Lauber
Communities Officer

With an academic background centered in Leadership, Facilitation, and Organization Development and years of experience in the private, public, as well as educational sectors, Jason has been leading inclusivity and diversity efforts for years. Operating within a humanist and systemic framework, Jason’s work centers on tackling the root causes of societal inequities and empowering the people at the heart of teams, organizations, and society.

514-905-1039 ext. 307

Hélène Rapanakis
Prevention & Awareness Officer

Hélène is a student of sexology and mental health, and also has a certificate in victimology from UDEM. She is committed to the fight against all forms of discrimination. She contributes to INÉÉI-PSH's awareness and prevention program to create inclusive environments where everyone feels accepted and respected. She has training in helping relationships and is a member of the InterAidance program. For her, empathy, benevolence, authenticity and non-judgment are essential values in fostering a bond of trust with the people who call on our services.

514-905-1039 ext. 306

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