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InterAidance Service

InterAidance Service

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Deployment of the InterAidance service
Une femme qui écoute les problèmes de coeur d'une autre femme. Les deux sont assises sur un fauteil mauve et échangent pour trouver des solutions stables.

The resources service has been operational since August 2020, thanks to funding from the Foundation of Greater Montreal, Fonds collectif femmes action Montréal (FGM) and partnerships with organizations, such as INDCP; COCON; MESV, University of Ottawa School of Social Work and the Alliance des maisons d'hébergement.

Initially, the objectives were to break the isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide emergency support by ensuring accessibility and adaptation to disability situations, as well as support for women and children with disabilities who have experienced acts or situations of violence.

Since the launch of our InterAidance service in August 2020, we have continued to recognize the importance of consolidating this service and, above all, working to provide psychosocial support for our users. For this year 2022, additional funding from the Secrétariat à la condition féminine (SCF) under the Canada-Quebec Accord for women's shelters and organizations helping victims of sexual and domestic violence in Quebec has enabled us to offer the service on a more sustained basis by increasing our interventions and ensuring psychosocial support and accompaniment. We are continuing our efforts to find recurrent funding to ensure the continuity of this service and the provision of psychosocial support and accompaniment, as demand is real and growing.

What is InterAidance?

InterAidance provides a rapid response to people with disabilities, whatever their age, gender or ethno-cultural background.

A "By and For" service offering listening, accompaniment and referral in response to different situations, particularly emergencies, eliminating the obstacles that PWD may encounter. We want to help ensure the informed choices and the elimination of situations of inequity that we saw during the pandemic. People with disabilities cannot be left behind.

As an important channel for sharing information and referrals, but above all for providing support and accompaniment services, we are rolling out this service as part of our Support and Psychosocial Intervention against Violence and Discrimination program.


InterAidance is also :
How do I access the service?

Our schedule

The InterAidance service is available Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Contact us

Call us at 514-905-1039 ext.301

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Training program

As part of our program against violence and discrimination, we offer, among other services, activities and training for 1st-line assistance resources, volunteers wishing to get involved in our Service hotline, and interveners from various backgrounds.  

We offer exchange and knowledge-sharing sessions, as well as presentations by various partners actively contributing to the fight against violence and discrimination.

We are recruiting volunteers

If you are interested in supporting us and volunteering for this service, please contact us. We need all the help we can get.

Adapted intervention training will be offered to volunteers involved in this action aimed at building safe, equitable and egalitarian solidarities and communities.

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Our partners
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