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Activities to promote student retention and entrepreneurship

We believe that education and entrepreneurship are paths accessible to all, which is why our initiatives are carefully designed to be inclusive and tailored to the diversity of our community.

Our school retention activities focus on creating a stimulating and encouraging educational environment. We offer interactive workshops, personalized mentoring sessions and a variety of teaching resources to support each learner on his or her unique educational journey.

Maria Barilé Fund for activities promoting inclusive post-secondary education

INÉÉI-PSH draws its inspiration from a vision where every individual, regardless of background, disability or any other particularity, has the right to pursue higher education.

Maria Barilé, the inspiration behind our foundation, embodies determination and commitment to inclusive education. Her legacy is reflected in our mission to break down educational barriers and create equitable opportunities for all learners.

Our aim is to create lasting change by encouraging educational institutions to adopt inclusive practices, provide support tailored to the specific needs of students with disabilities, and promote diversity in academic programs.

By contributing to the Maria Barilé Fund, you are helping to realize our shared vision of a post-secondary education where every individual can flourish, develop their skills and make a significant contribution to society.

Portrait de Maria Barilé

Here's a portrait of one of the pioneers in the fight for the rights of women and girls with disabilities: Maria Barile, who, in 1988, took part in the demonstration calling for sustainable yet accessible mobility for people with disabilities. For an accessible and safe metro for all!

She was one of the first to fight for equality between men and women in the disability movement. Among other things, this resulted in the presentation of a critical feminist analysis of the policy for the exercise of disabled people's rights, "À part égale...1984", a policy which revolutionized society's perception of disabled people, but which perpetuated inequality between men and women by omitting the question of gender. Our criticism of "À moins qu'à part égale : les Femmes Handicapées au Québec (1987)" led to a revised policy "À part entière : pour un véritable exercice du droit à l'égalité" in 2009.

We should also mention his work to guarantee equitable access to the healthcare system and his fight against forced sterilization. For years, people with disabilities, particularly women, were subjected to inhumane treatment involving systematic sterilization. One of her most striking projects was her fight against Depo-Provera, a drug automatically administered to disabled women of childbearing age.


Throughout her life, Maria Barile was a fervent activist committed to specific issues:
  • Domestic and sexual violence;
  • Sexual health and reproductive rights & maternity;
  • Health and well-being of women with disabilities;
  • Universal accessibility;
  • Work and poverty;
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